Mrs. Troyer's Testimonials Page

Testimonial 1

"Mrs. Troyer's soap is wonderful! My skin has never felt so smooth. I really like the way the soap smells so fresh!"
- Daphne
, Huntsville, AL.

Testimonial 2

"I was given a basket of your sample size soaps for Christmas. I have suffered with eczema for years and after using your soaps for a few weeks I noticed the eczema had improved, and now it is barely noticeable. I will continue with your soaps. I really like the light, not overpowering scent and exfoliating factor of the Lemon-Raspberry green tea soap.  Thanks"
Sheila, Garrett, IN.

Testimonial 3

" I have tried several of your soaps and other bath products and I love them all. The cinnamon bar is my favorite. I love the smell and it leaves my skin soft. I will continue to purchase my soap from you.  Thanks"

- Trish, Fort Wayne, IN

Testimonial 4

"I don't usually care what soap I use as long as it doesn't smell flowery. My daughter gave me a bar of your Cinnamon Bentonite. The smell is fine and I noticed it doesn't leave a residue on my skin like many other soaps. My wife says my skin looks and feels better too. I will continue to use your products.  Thanks"

- Doug, Garrett, IN

Testimonial 5

"Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the "Great Outdoors" soap I purchased from you at Minnetrista Farmer's Market on Sat. The soap feels very luxurious, rich, lathers well and leaves my skin feeling great. I'm looking forward to trying the other fragrance I purchased - "Spring Fling"

-Debbie, Daleville, IN

Testimonial 6

"My granddaughter has eczema,after using your soap a couple of times her skin is almost clear. Thank you, she was so uncomfortable before we found your chocolate mint soap (it smells so yummy!).


-Sherry, Muncie, IN

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